This program may be compiled as a shared library or as stand-alone python and R libraries.


To build the shared library, ninja(s) are needed.

pip install cmake ninja

The following dependencies are included as submodules:

  1. Armadillo

  2. Catch2 (unit tests only)

  3. pybind11++ (python bindings only)

  4. spdlog (logging)

Use make to install the headers and shared libraries (here the destination is the /opt/ directory)

make install INSTALL_DIR=/opt


The R package can be built and installed directy from CRAN


or installed from source

make r


The python package can be installed directly from PyPi

pip install targeted


Presently binary wheels are available for Linux systems and Mac OS X running Python>=3.6. Windows installations must be built from source.

or installed from source

make py